Friday, February 20
7:00 pm

This is a closed testing for black belts only.

Brown belts and above are welcome to watch and assist. Students who are testing for their Black Belts are allowed to invite up to two people to attend.

Students who are testing for Black Belt:

  • For those testing to Recommended Black Belt, know all the ITF patterns up to their belt level, as well as the ITF and CKD pattern for their belt.
  • All other Black Belts must know all the ITF and CKD patterns up to their belt level.
  • Perform at least two weapons patterns, demonstrating proficiency in two different types of weapons.
  • Completed the required number of volunteer hours — 20 hours for students age 16 and under, 40 hours for all adults.
  • Attended the required number of classes for their belt level.
  • Waited the required amount of time between belt promotions.
  • Perform board breaks, anywhere from two to over 5 different techniques.
  • Be familiar with Taekwon Do and Chun Kuhn Do terminology, including tenets and the school creed.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for the line-up, and make sure to wear your uniform, bring your weapon and sparring gear.

Belt awards will be held on Saturday, February 21 at 6:00 pm.