Mind, body and spirit, with one direction, you can accomplish anything.

(Jung sin ill do, ha sa bul sung)

We believe that martial arts training encompasses more than just physical fitness, more than fighting skills … it’s training for the body, for the mind and for the heart.

The physical training aspect is obvious. Martial artists develop:

  • core strength
  • cardio endurance
  • hand and eye coordination
  • flexibility
  • balance

These benefits go beyond fighting ability. It’s beneficial for men and women, children and seniors, serious fighters and casual participants.

Pairing physical activity and memorization enhances retention, and repetitions make training permanent, if not perfect. Some of the benefits of martial arts training:

  • mental focus
  • memory retention

The cultural aspect of the martial arts are also not forgotten, and Korean traditions and history are part of training.

Some of the intangible aspects of martial arts training are:

  • confidence
  • leadership
  • compassion
  • inner calm

These skills are encouraged and reinforced throughout training, with a focus on personal growth and goals.

But don’t think training at Integrity Martial Arts is somber and dry.

We have lots of fun, and constantly try to strive for excellence.