June & July Summer Camps

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Keep your kids active and happy this summer with Integrity Martial Arts summer camps.

Depending on the camp you sign up for, below are some of the activities your child may participate in.

  • Exercise: martial arts drills, stretching and flexibility exercises, cardio and hiking.
  • Movie Viewing: Your child may view movies like the Karate Kid I II III; Kung Fu Panda; The Chinese Connection.
  • Art Projects: Children will build sets, paint, create costumes and may apply costume make-up.
  • Martial Arts: This is a martial arts school, so children will participate in some drills, choreographed fighting, weapons practice, and/or sparring.

These will all be practiced under the direct supervision of an Integrity Martial Arts instructor.

Early registration discounts if you sign up before April 15, 2015.

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