Martial Arts Classes


You Can Accomplish Anything

At Integrity Martial Arts, we believe you can accomplish anything. Whatever your goals, we’d like to help. Whether you want to get in shape,  slim down, learn self-defense, gain confidence or bond with your family, we provide a low pressure, high energy environment to facilitate your goals.

Diverse Training

We teach Korean martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do and Chun Kuhn Do. Our standard curriculum includes kicks, punches, blocks and jumps, plus weapons, joint locks, pressure points, throws, falls, stretching and sparring. Classes are designed to give students a well rounded martial arts education.

Mini Moosa

Specifically for 4-6 year olds. Mini Moosa means little warriors. It’s a shorter class for younger attention spans. Classes focus on teamwork, following directions, coordination and basic martial arts skills.

Children’s Class

For kids 7-12 years old. A fun, energetic class that teaches basic self-defense Tae Kwon Do techniques as well as discipline, respect, self-control and self-confidence.

Family Class

All ages, parents and children. This class gives parents and children or couples a great opportunity to spend quality time together and encourages family cohesion.

Adult  Class

For 12 and up. Tae Kwon Do, sparring, grappling and weapons. We cover it all in a nonthreatening environment that encourages self-motivation and exploring individual potential.

Open Gym

For ages 7 and up. An open structure allows students to train in their own time on skills they feel need work. Instructors are available for questions and supervision.

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